Lab news

Just in time for Rio, Michaeline and Alex write for the Microbial Olympics!

Michaeline's work on the biogeography of microbial nitrogen cycling is out in PNAS.

New modeling paper on stochastic assembly of microbial communities led by Sarah Evans.

Welcome to Sydney Glassman and Kendra Walters, who will join the lab this summer! See more here.

Rich Puxty’s work on how marine viruses shut down photosynthesis in their hosts is in the news.

China Hanson’s paper on marine cyanophage biogeography just out here.

Commentary on a cool biogeography paper from Dan Buckley’s group.

Research Overview

Our lab studies the generation and maintenance of microbial diversity and its consequences for ecosystem functioning. In the past, we have focused on characterizing patterns of microbial diversity (biogeographic patterns).
We are now turning our attention to experimentally testing the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms generating these patterns and whether this variation in microbial composition affects ecosystem functioning.

We study all sorts of microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a variety of ecosystems. Depending on the question, we also apply a range of approaches, including experimental evolution, field experiments, and greenhouse microcosms. We often use molecular genetic approaches to characterize microbial diversity (from PCR and cloning to whole genome sequencing and functional metagenomics), with the goal of linking this genetic diversity to phenotypic traits and ecosystem functioning.

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