Lab news

Congratulations to Dr. Chase! He's now doing a postdoc with Dr. Paul Jensen at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Michaeline's study on stochasticity in bacterial litter communities is out in mBio!

First paper out on a collaboration with the Whiteson lab: coevolution of Enterococcus and bacteriophage led by PhD student Stephen Wandro.

Sydney's paper out in PNAS - decomposition responses to climate depends on microbial composition. Nature Reviews Micro features it here.

Alex's new article about soil ecotypes is out in Environmental Microbiology.

Pondering the leaf litter…

Congrats to Sydney Glassman, who started her faculty position at UC Riverside! See her new lab website here.

We said farewell to Kazuo Isobe, visiting from University of Tokyo.

Jen and Katrine Whiteson direct the UCI Microbiome Initiative.


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