Lab news

Thanks to everyone that helped with Eric Morrison's diel sampling of litter communities! Stay tuned for results…

Gavin Lear from the University of Auckland in New Zealand is visiting to collaborate on biogeography projects.

See Alex Chase's new article about resolving the biogeography of bacterial microdiversity.

New commentary with Kendra Walters in Trends in Microbiology about globally dominant soil bacteria.

Welcome to Sarai Finks and Cynthia Rodriguez, two new PhD students that have joined the lab!

Congrats to Sydney Glassman, who will start a faculty position at UC Riverside this summer! For information on her lab, see here.

Julio Avelar-Barragan, a CMB (Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Program) student, is rotating in the lab.

We are happy to be hosting Lucía Vivanco, a visiting Fulbright Scholar from the University of Buenos Aires, again this winter.

Jen and Frede Thingstad are organizing a session on "Trait-baed theory and its applications in microbial communities" at ISME17 this coming summer.

UCI17_WEB_MicrobiomeIni_blueJen and Katrine Whiteson launched the UCI Microbiome Initiative.

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