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Dr. Martiny received her B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at UC San Diego. She completed her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Stanford University, studying diversity patterns and conservation biology of birds, butterflies, and flies with Drs. Paul Ehrlich and Gretchen Daily. At some point, she became intrigued by the idea that most ecological theory ignored microorganisms, which make up the vast amount of biodiversity on the planet. She joined Dr. Brendan Bohannan’s lab as a postdoctoral researcher and then moved to Brown University, where she established her own lab. In 2006, she moved to UC Irvine, where she is a Professor in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UC Irvine. She is also the Director of the new UCI Microbiome Initiative.

Dr. Martiny is a fellow of the Ecological Society of America and the American Academy of Microbiology. She received several awards, including a CAREER award from NSF and a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Junior Investigator Award. Her work appears in both ecology and microbiology journals as well as in Science, Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Lab Staff

Claudia Weihe, Senior Technician and Lab Manager

Claudia has a Master’s degree in Genetics from the University of Greifswald in Germany. Previously, she worked at the Institute for Genetic Medicine at USC and the UCI School of Medicine until she joined the lab in 2007. She has brought extensive experience in molecular microbiology and a sense of order to our lab.

Visiting Scientists

Kazuo Isobe, Dept. of Applied Biological Sciences, University of Tokyo

Kazuo an Assistant Professor at University of Tokyo and is currently visiting the Allison and Martiny labs. He is interested in how microbial community dynamics alter biogeochemical cycling and influence the resilience and resistance of ecosystem functions. He completed his Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences at University of Tokyo and studied ecological roles of N-cycling microbes in forests and agricultural fields.

Lucia Vivanco, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia is a Research Scientist at IFEVA and is visiting us for a few months this year and next to work on common projects involving microbial diversity and its role in litter decomposition.


Sydney Glassman, Postdoc
Sydney's research focuses on understanding patterns and processes governing microbial diversity, and their ecosystem functions such as terrestrial symbioses and decomposition.  As part of her dissertation research, she studied the effects of disturbances such as wildfires and invasive pathogens on ectomycorrhizal fungal communities. She received media attention for her research on ectomycorrhizal fungal recovery after the California Rim Fire, which was featured in the California Alumni magazine among other outlets. She received her B.A. in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she also received a Masters of Environmental Studies. She completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management at UC Berkeley with Prof. Tom Bruns.

Graduate students

Alex Chase, PhD student
Alex is broadly interested in biogeographical patterns and how microbial populations shift in abundance over time. By utilizing both cultured isolates and metagenomic information, he is tracking how an abundant leaf litter bacterium, Curtobacterium, will respond across an elevational gradient.

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Michaeline Nelson, PhD student
Michaeline is interested in the connection between microbial diversity and biogeochemical cycling. She is currently using metagenomics to investigate nitrogen cycling diversity in leaf litter bacteria.

Kendra, website
Kendra Walters, PhD student
Kendra is interested in controls on the composition and function of microbial communities. Specifically, she is curious about how abiotic and biotic conditions impact communities and how changes in the environment might transform those impacts.

Undergraduate students

Jonathan Abebe Independent research student. Jonathan is conducting a research project on the variation in adsorption rates of different cyanophage strains using flow cytometry.

Alberto Lopez Independent research student.

Chamee Moua Laboratory assistant

Jui-Ting (Tim) Tsai
Independent research student.

Mary Xiong Laboratory assistant

Recent departures

Richard Puxty, Postdoc
Richard obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Southampton, U.K. and more recently a PhD at Univeristy of Warwick with Prof. Dave Scanlan. He is broadly interested in the functioning of photosynthesis in marine ecosystems. Through this he has stumbled into the field of cyanophages; viruses of cyanobacteria that are thought to modify aspects of photosynthesis for their own replication. Currently he is addressing the mechanisms and consequences of antagonistic co-evolution between these viruses and their hosts.

Dominique Bao Yang
Laboratory assistant
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Not-so-recent departures

Former postdocs and graduate students

Anthony Amend Postdoctoral researcher. Faculty at University of Hawaii.
Devon Bradley Mohamed
PhD student. Faculty at Irvine Valley College.
Jessica Clasen
Postdoctoral researcher. Faculty at Douglas College, British Columbia.
Lisa Crummett
Postdoctoral researcher. Faculty at Soka University.
Kristin (Matulich) Dolan
PhD student. Research Development Officer, UCSF.
China Hanson PhD student. Faculty at Queen Mary University of London, UK.
Irina Irvine
PhD student. Restoration Ecologist, National Park Service.
Jay Lennon
Postdoctoral researcher. Faculty at Indiana University, Bloomington.
Melissa Lage PhD student. Faculty at Guilford Technical and Community College.
Heather Reed Postdoctoral researcher. Lecturer at University of Mass, Amherst.
Lucia Vivanco Postdoctoral researcher. Research Scientist at IFEVA, CONICET - University of Buenos Aires

Former undergraduate students and research assistants

Neiki Amiri-Razavian UCI undergraduate student.
Nada Awad UCI undergraduate student.
Peris Bentley UCI undergraduate student, PhD student at Harvard.
Michael Boyce
Brown undergraduate student.
Jane Casey Brown undergraduate student.
Ian Carroll Brown undergraduate student. PhD at UC Santa Barbara.
Carolus Chen UCI undergraduate student.
Stephanie Chen UCI undergraduate and research assistant.
Katherine Chin
Crystal Cove outreach intern
Susan Cho
UCI undergraduate, graduated 2010. Attending pharmacy school at Loma Linda University.
Caitlin Cooper Lab Assistant
Marie Hennelly Brown undergraduate student.
Andrew Ho UCI undergrad, attending the clinical scientist program at UCI Medical Center.
Barbara Huang
UCI undergraduate student. Currently in Cal State LA’s Clinical Laboratory Scientist program.
Aayah Fatayerji UCI undergraduate student. Master’s in Public Health at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
Miriam Goldstein Lab assistant. PhD student at UC San Diego.
Yazeed Ibrahim UCI undergraduate student.
Araceli Jimenez Crystal Cove outreach intern
Sameed Khatana Brown undergraduate student.
Andrew Kim Lab assistant.
Juna Konomi Brown undergraduate student.
Hailey Laskey Crystal Cove outreach intern.
Amanda Lee Lab assistant 2007-2010.
Faye Lemieux Lab manager. Currently Manager of the Multidisciplinary Lab, Brown University.
Michelle Loo UCI undergraduate student.
Rebecca Lutzy Research assistant. PhD student at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.
Greg Maler UCI undergraduate student.
Kathryn Maurer Brown undergraduate student.
Alison Michener Brown undergraduate student. Sorely missed.
Crystal Nguyen UCI undergraduate student. Also really missed.
Steven Nguyen UCI undergraduate student.
Sanae Ogura UCI undergraduate student.
Manasa Panda
Research assistant.
Sneha Pathak UCI undergraduate student.
Jeniffer Pena UCI undergraduate student.
Nicole Shapiro Brown undergraduate student.
Allison Shaw Brown undergraduate student. At ANU in Australia on an NSF postdoc fellowship.
Ye Thao Lab Assistant
Eric Tong Brown undergraduate student.
Mani Vahidi UCI undergraduate student.
Alexis Weintraub Brown undergraduate student. Director of Brown Environmental Leadership Lab. Yale Environmental Management Program.
Ashley Whelpley UCI undergraduate. Biology technician, Chapman University.
Julie Wilson UCI science-education undergrad.
Phil Wan UCI undergraduate student.
Dallas Wilson UCI Bridge to Baccalaureate student. Graduate of UC Davis.